LB581 is currently stuck in committee ... it is not likely to come out this session or be heard even if it did ... we need you to get to an ABATE meeting near you and see how you can help!  No one person will ever change the status of the current helmet law.  You could be the one to tip the scales get involved!

Update! 5/17/21

There is never "nothing happening" legislatively ... come to a meeting discuss with your District representative and see how you can help.  As of right now we need some constituents to help influence members of the committee not willing to vote LB581 out ... one vote more is all we need ... do you know Senator Bostelman or Moser? contact the state or your district before reaching out.

These are very useful documents when talking to Senators - Fact or Fiction is great for disputing the statistics of the cost ... our Economic impact white paper is also useful when we talk about bringing dollars into the state ... please read and use!

Get in touch with your elected officials!


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