Dear Senator,

 I write to you today in regards to LB52 and the repeal of the requirement to wear helmets while operating a motorcycle.  Our business has been put at a disadvantage in that the current requirement to ride with a helmet has lured people to neighboring states that allow the freedom to choose.  Consequently, our business suffers. 

We are aware of the “worst case scenarios” that are brought up in defense of the current law.  The out come is the same regardless of incident being in state or out of state so we see no difference and would believe the more money that stays in the state as well as revenue from more people traveling through would be a benefit to both the state and our business. 

 Please vote to advance LB52 out of committee and give Nebraska’s a choice and Nebraska business fighting chance.  




Here are the senators names and email addresses

Charlie Janssen
Scott Lautenbaugh
Deb Fischer
Scott Price
Kathy Campbell
Galen Hadley
Annette DuBas
Leroy Louden