I am writing you today in regards to moving LB52 out of committee. I am an adult informed rider of this state and believe this bill will give me the right of choice taken from me so many years ago.  I believe I am better qualified to make the choice if and when to wear a helmet than those who have put the law forward. I donít believe I should have to go out of state to enjoy that freedom of choice. In these hard economic times why would our state choose to lose dollars to our neighboring states?


            Though none of you on the committee is my representative in the legislature I believe you as committee members must hear the cries of all the citizens in the state rather than those few within your own districts.


            Please vote to advance LB52 out of committee to give the full legislative body a chance to discuss and vote on this issue.


 Thank you,


Here are the senators names and email addresses

Charlie Janssen
Scott Lautenbaugh
Deb Fischer
Scott Price
Kathy Campbell
Galen Hadley
Annette DuBas
Leroy Louden